What is divorce coaching?

Divorce coaching will provide you with emotional guidance through the difficult times in your divorce process.

Divorce coaching will help you make informed decisions that directly impact your future. Coaching is not therapy. While therapy focuses on feelings and understanding the past, coaching is more action-oriented. Essentially, it can help you assess where you are going, devise plans on how to get there, and execute those plans, even when stressful situations arise. If you rely on your coach's expertise, you will find that you are better able to stay on track with your divorce.

Benefits of Coaching

Getting Results: This is one of the major benefits of coaching. By regularly meeting with your coach and taking the actions needed to meet your goals, you will likely find that you are able to meet your goals at a faster pace than if you are trying to navigate the process alone.

Thinking Partner: Your coach will provide you with solid emotional guidance that will help you to explore options and develop action plans that are in your best interest.

Growth Mindset: Your coach will help foster a growth mindset to help you move through stressful situations as opposed to getting stuck in a rut with fixed mindsets.

Accountability: Your coach will challenge you to follow through on effective action plans and guide you through any hurdles that may arise.

Increased Confidence in Decision Making: Your coach will help you to envision the future. As the steps become clear, you will gain more confidence.

How can a divorce coach help?

Topics that you can address with a divorce coach:

- how to communicate with your spouse/former spouse

- how to tell your spouse that you want to separate and divorce

- how to inform the kids about the divorce

- stress management tips

- adjusting to life during a separation/divorce

- how to make informed decisions

- how to make informed decisions

- coping with anxiety

- getting through the grief cycle

- organizational skills

- introducing a new significant other to the kids

- blending families

- much more